Drill hitch

Hitch is essential element of correct installation of drill on excavator.

Type of hitch

Two-pins bolted hitch  is usually mount on excavator equipped in quick connector

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Mocowanie wiertnicy digga na koparko ładowarce JCB

Drill’s hitch

Due to wide range of drives, which You can adjust to 0,5-50 t machine, each order is treated individually.

Hitch is essential element of correct installation of drill on excavator. In our store we have a lot of hitch models fitting with standard building machines.

Depending on the type of construction machine and application of quick connector, the drill can be mount with one, or two- bolted hitch. There is need to use special plates sometimes, but it depends on type of quick connector.

The cheapest solution is one-bolted installation. This guarantees freedoms of drill’s movement. Two-bolted hitch is often apply in excavators equipped with quick connector. This hitch is more comfortable than one-bolted one. In our offer we have also equipment to quick change of accessories- drills, buckets and another ones.

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