Digga Trenchers


A trenching attachment will cut ground faster than an excavator trench bucket/hoe, as it cuts in a continuous movement. Trencher will cut deeper and narrower. Depth control is easier to maintain.


A trencher digs 3 to 4 times faster than an excavator/backhoe with less mess. To cut a trench, the boom is held at a fixed angle while the machine creeps slowly.


The spoil is excavated more finely with a trencher so the trench can be easily backfilled with better compaction. As the spoil is much finer it is suitable for the bedding of pipes and cables etc.

Trenchers models

Digga Trenchers are installed as attachments on  working machines.
They feature an Eaton motor and Digga made gearbox ensuring reliability and performance with the piece of mind you expect from a Digga product.


Chains models

Choose the chain to fully exploit the speed of trencher.