Chain models


DIGGATAC The most advanced Trencher cutting system in the World today. This chain will cut through all ground and is able to grind through the hardest of shale. Diggatac provides extended tooth life and reduced vibration particularly when starting in tough conditions.

COMBO chain

COMBO Combination of 70% Diggatac tooth, 30% Cup tooth. This combination gives an all round performance. Able to cut through soil, tree root, shale and rocky grounds. The combination allows for a cleaner trench in soil with the cup teeth bringing the soil to the surface.

EARTH chain

FROST Cup tooth on every station of the chain. Better chain for clean ground with some tree root as this gives a chain saw effect and can saw through small roots. Will still buck and jump if in shale/rocky ground.

FROST chain

EARTH Cup tooth on every second station of the chain. Only for soft clean grounds with no floater or tree roots.